For clinical nutrition of dogs and cats suffering from different diseases

Every pet owner wants to assure to its pet best possible nutrition – according to animal’s age, breed, physiological and health status.

Food offered to healthy animals must be first of all palatable and complete – containing all necessary nutrients. In case of animals suffering from any type of disease food must also exhibit some features supporting the treatment. In such a cases the optimal solution in veterinary diet.

4T Veterinary Diet – is a whole line of innovative veterinary prescription diets for dogs and cats. We received veterinarians and pet owners recognition in Poland and many European countries. When you vet recommends 4T Veterinary Diet you can be sure that aside from therapeutic effectiveness your pet receives extremely palatable product … because veterinary diet works properly only when it is eaten by animal in proper amounts.

Renal dog
Obesity dog
Obesity dog
Mobility dog
Intestinal dog
Dermatosis dog
Dermatosis dog
Recovery dog
Urinary cat
Urinary cat
Renal cat
Obesity cat
Intestinal cat
Sterilised cat